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Have anybody done this with arduino?

or have anyone a documented tutorial on it, because I'm having a lot of problems to understand how to do it, because I dont get any values in the serial monitor when I use the arduino rotary encoder code..

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I have Roomba motors on my robot and have no trouble reading the encoders.  They just send pulses (7 per motor rev on mine).  I use an interrupt to count the pulses.

I attached a bmp of the schematic for the encoder.  The colors are of the wire to my motors.
I use the 7414 to square up the edges, makes it more reliable.


Thanks Alot for your answer, I got the encoders working now, showing values on the serial monitor! thanks.

I was wondering how can I save the values and use them for something.

In the end I had like to make a robot which drives a route, and the encoders save the encoder values, and use them later to drive the same route just on the encoder values received earlier. how would suchs a program be, if you have a clue on it, I would like to hear it.

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How are you going to guide the robot for the initial route?  Is it a measured course?  It would not be difficult to record values at certain points into two arrays and use the array values to repeat the course.  If you measure your wheel diameter and wheel base and find out how many pulses per revolution of the wheel you can calculate distances and angles.  It is certainly doable, but I need more info to be more specific code wise.

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