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Well sorry about the question but i'm really a noob in the electronic world.
I have a 4 wire bipolar stepper motor but it's not running due the fact that I don't own a Driver to do it, I have been reading about how arduino and stepper work , the first option I have is a easy-drive board , the red one , but I think that is not what I want to make it run. I took a PCB course and I have right to a free PCB building , and that's becauseI want to build a Driver. But the question is. Is possible to Run them with arduino, I will post some of the Drivers I found.
Please Could you guide me through the process.

1. - http://www.drkfs.net/REVERSESTEPPER.htm
2. - http://www.instructables.com/id/Easy-to-build-CNC-Mill-Stepper-Motor-and-Driver-ci/
3. - http://pminmo.com/3axis/3axis.htm
4. - http://www.thebackshed.com/cnc/RouterA3.asp

My big question is if You can use arduino as a microcontroller for those boards and how to wire them up .
by the way this is the motor that i want to control : http://ebay.madsencircuits.com/images/sanyo103-54datasheet.pdf

Thanks a lot.


2 and 4 are setup for unipolar and will not work as wired.
Is this an educational effort? 


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Yes, I want to learn how stepper work , just educational. :)

Also If someone could paste a good website to learn about steppers,drivers and etc. I'll be really happy.

i just decided to go with easydrive just to learn , but im pretending to build something more "professional" and i dont really think that easydrive just come right to the place for that but just by now i want to learn.

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