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Hi Unaclocker.
Thanks for the info. The prices I saw were from PJRC and also a UK supplier for the Teensy 2, however, appreciate may be cheaper elsewhere :)

The Teensy 3 that I can see is 48MHz (but appreciate faster would be available). Obviously, different chip so not "Arduino", but then again... if you are going up to that sort of price then for a few dollars more than the Teensy, you could get a MUCH higher spec Raspberry Pi with HDMI high definition output running Linux or RiscOS
...anyway... that's a different forum :)

Back to this... coding is going well (display is working, but the command processor part needs to handle the differences between the single/double width/height). Hope to have updated files online in a few days, but would also like to get the set/reset graphic command implemented at the same time.




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Little update again...
Got a couple of glitches (there's one on screen) to clean-up, but nearly ready.
Also now supports bitmap graphics (160x100) supported with set pixel and reset pixel commands.
Each font style or graphics section (can have many on-screen) is on a line-by-line basis (most that can be done in only 2K RAM!) so can be mixed as shown in the screenshot.

Only two chips...
ATmega328P (as on the UNO) and a 74HCT166

(Patterning is just due to taking a photo of a CRT screen - not visible in real life)

Will update the page when complete.




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