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Hello there!

Obviously I am a noob at this, but have been able to get my arduino to do some nifty things, and was wondering if it is possible to link together several arduinos to communicate (send arrays to each other) without using the tx or rx pins?


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What kind of topology do you want to make?

- a pipeline of Arduino's?  (A-> B -> C -> D etc)
- a tree? (A -> B, C; B -> D,E; C -> F,G etc
- a meshnetwork (all to all)
- a 'square' mesh:  (Xn -> Xn+1, Yn)
- a thee layer neural network
- ....

What is the datarate needed?

If you want multiple computers to communicate use one of the communicating shields zigbee, ethernet, wifi or so.

But there are other ways to communicate, you can create sort of parallel bus or using blinking leds and photosensors in combination with Morse. Or servo's with flags and a distance sensor :)

happy tinkering
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