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Hi all,
I'm ready to move a project off the breadboard and onto Stripboard but not quite ready to sacrifice my nice new nano to it. The nano has header pins fitted already.
Is there a standard size of IC Socket that I can purchase that the nano will slot into?

Many thanks.


I don't know about a socket (I don't have a nano and am too lazy to look up the specs right now), but a couple of female headers (like those on a standard Arduino board) of appropriate length should do the trick.  Lots of vendors (e.g. Sparkfun) sell them in 40 pin lengths so you can trim them to fit.




Excellent idea - once again embarrassed I didn't think of that :-[


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I can recommend this company for all kinds of electronics bits and bobs, VERY good prices, uk based.  They sell the female header rows in 16 long strips (nano has 15 pins per side, so you could always cut off or not use one of header pins)


(edit: or you can buy two lots of a 3, a 2 and a 10!  or 8,3,4 you get the idea!)

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