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Hi Experts,

I would like to control a 2ch relay wirelessly from arduino using 433mhz RF receiver/transmitter
my setup would be 433mhz transmitter on the arduino will send data to 433mhz receiver on 2ch relay module
I could not find any info/wiring instruction how to connect RF receiver to the relay module/
please give me some guide/data protocol.  on 2ch relay module I have 4 pin:  Gnd, in1, in2, vcc . And on 433mhz receiver I have 4 pin as well : gnd, data, data, vcc



You need an Arduino at the receiving end to decode the data from the 433Mhz receiver.
Use virtualwire library to encode the data prior to sending it to improve the reliability.



Thanks alot - Ím clear now.
have a great day /


this is easy to make check this out.


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