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My problem: I have a circuit which uses an atmega328 which is connected only to the quartz and few other components.

Is it possible to program it without ICSP using the serial connection simply connecting the 2 serial pins of an arduino 2009 board to the pin on the circuit? The 2 microcontrollers should get programmed at the same time, no?



The 2 microcontrollers should get programmed at the same time, no?

What two micro controllers you didn't mention where they came from.
The simple answer is no you can't do two at the same time because they respond at a different rate to be fed the next bytes/


you are right.. let me ask it this way:

I have an arduino 2009 board with atmega328, and an atmega328 which is in a working circuit (not a board, it has no usb, serial or ICSP connections) and has the arduino bootloader preloaded in it.

What is the simplest way to program the in circuit microcontroller through the arduino 2009 board?



solder some wires from the tx rx and ground connection of the one being used, take out the atmega from the arduino board, then connect those wires to the tx rx and ground of the now processor-less arduino board.


Make a programming header with the TX, RX, Reset, power and ground, just like this project:-

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