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i have got an xbee wifi and arduino due...arduino due is on a remote system with a cam,19 servos,3motors accelerometer ,on board battery monitor and a ultra sound ranging meter . i can interface  these things to due. problem is i want to extract the these signal and sent to my computer through wifi.. ie control signal for servos and motor are to be transmitted and video signals,range,battery monitoring data have to be received at my computer...show me a path please..

and kindly consider me as a beginner... :smiley-fat:


Perhaps Ethernet shield, IP cam, and wireless router combined with the due. Don't think xbee does video.
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as per the data sheet xbee wifi module connects with 802.11 b/g/n..with data with max 72Mbps...so this will not alow??else please refer me a good one...


I think zoomcat's suggestion is the best option for a "WiFi" solution. Tried and proven.
Using an Ethernet shield, has the advantage that you can use the mature Ethernet library and there are a lot of libraries that rely on the Ethernet library.
If you need higher speed then you could use an Embedded Ethernet Module with the W5200 ethernet chip like th WIZ820io, which is much faster than the W5100 on the Ethernet Shield. It requires a slightly modified Ethernet library, however.
If you want it to be small then instead of the Due you could use a Teensy3 combined with a WIZ820io on an adapter board http://forum.pjrc.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=759&d=1375492408


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