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If you're into robotics, we are starting a group that collaborates together in creating new ideas and projects.  Feel free to message me directly for more information.  Here's one of the projects we are working on now:


Here's the site if you want to be a part of it: http://www.bizsolsystems.com

You can email me at bizsolsystems@outlook.com if you have any questions for me.


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How often do you meet up? I'm a dual in rolled college student who lives in Saint Petersburg(near tampa), and I might want come to one of your meetings next time i'm near orlando.



Its to bad you guys are in Orlando! I saw that you need a soldering iron and I have a pretty nice one. If you still need help with soldering maybe we could meet up at the IEEE Robotics  meeting next month. (in tampa)


Hey Drew,

just email me.  I'll be glad to talk to you more.  The group just started so we've all been talking via email at the moment.  You can help from St. Petersburg just as well :)

- Dillon


Whether you're new or experienced, feel free to join our group.  We just ask that you're willing to learn and have an open mind. :)


@rackas, I'm glad you found this interesting and hope you spread the word :)

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