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couple of questions from a beginner...   ::)

1- could you tell me a couple of big on-line shops (preference in Europe) where i can buy pressure sensors, potentiometers, etc... and other controlers to conect to the arduino board?

2- any kind of sensor can be connected to the arduino board?




as a general rule of thumb anything you can connect to other microcontrollers (Basic Stamp BasicX Piacaxe and more) can be used with arduino.

our manufacturer at http://pcb-europe.net/catalog/  is about to sell a kit of all the basic parts you need to get started.
(it's the one we use in workshops)

Any online robotics store has all you need in terms of sensors...

where in europe do you live?



thank's massimo

any online robotics store... like for exemple?

i have already one arduino board, what i need now are some pressure and touch sensors

i live half time in Spain (Barcelona) and half in France (Lyon)

another question: someone said in the forum somehing about an article by Massimo about how to get more analogs inputs for an Arduino board... where can i find that article?

thank's again

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