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Can you source liquid Nitrogen and a 6.0 Ghz clock? :D

I think it would be good if you could get the number of the chip on that camera board or the model number of the laptop it was on. You can only interface this with a computer regardless of what you do. If you manage that you can say you accomplished something.
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Look, it doesn't get any cheaper than this
yes the camera is 4 tone greyscale but it does have edge detection built in which means it can recognise objects and read text in the right hands, you can even use the printer, it uses a variant of SPI bus and there is plenty of data around


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I think it would be good if you could get the number of the chip on that camera board

As for the model number on the computer, I'll ask the guy I got it from if he knows.
[edit]I got the model number. Its a Dell Studio 1555[/edit]


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I managed to pry off the metal shields..

[edit]I found the... briefing on the video controller chip.


And the drivers are right there on the same page.

Thank you for that. I hadn't noticed. Regardless, I still don't know how to wire it up. I know what 3V3, D+, D-, and GND are. However, what about the other pins?

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