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Hi all. I'm looking for the .hex file generated when I compile a sketch and it's not anywhere that I or my computer can find. I have done some searching and many people have written about finding it in the C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp\build<somethingsomething> path, but as far as I can tell the 1.5.2 IDE doesn't save there.

I'm running Windows 7, but I also just checked this on XP and I'm not seeing it there either. And yes, I have enabled viewing of hidden files.

Any recommendations?

In case you're curious, I'm trying to upload a .hex file over JTAG to the SAM3X8E chip because my homemade Due board isn't responding to either of the USB ports. I suspect it's a noisy power supply, but in the meantime I can connect via Atmel Studio and JTAG just fine.



I'll note that I can see a list of files related to my sketch including a .cpp, .bin, .elf, and a lot more. Is it that there is no .hex generated for the Due and it's the .bin that's used?


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Hello michaeluna,
AFAIK, Arduino IDE does not generate .HEX files. To upload your application to Arduino Due (SAM3X8E) using SAM-ICE (JTAG) you only need the .bin file and the Bossac.exe.

EDIT: Sorry, I mistakenly said Bossac.exe. Wrong! You have to use your .bin file and SAM-BA 2.11. I apologize for the mistake.  


Can you load the .elf file to program via JTAG?

Alternatively, generating the hex file from the elf file is quite easy, it's a command line like:

arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O ihex file.elf file.hex

where objcopy is in the Arduino installation somewhere.
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