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Hi all, I am building a datalogger that logs to SD cards. At the moment I am logging temperature and humidity levels using a DHT sensor. What is the easiest way to save power when I am not recording a measurement to help with the battery life? At the moment I am just using delay() between writing the data but I'll hopefully be able to implement some adjustable timing.



I'd look into making use of the sleep mode as much as possible. Also, consider switching to a slower clock in case your data logging operations don't need all 16MHz of Arduino happiness.  Here are some basics, then there is a sleep library, two alternative libraries, and some good advice.


Many thanks, I will take a look this evening :)


Sorry for the necro but I'm also looking into this.

I've found a website explaining a thing or two about datalogging with the Arduino running on batteries.

IIRC the interal watchdog won't allow any longer sleep times then 8 seconds, after which it will run and go to sleep once more.

What I'm now looking into is to use the 1Hz output on my RTC to be fed into an Atiny which will enable power (mosfet) to the arduino once 3600 pulses have passed and when the arduino is done, it will signal this to the atiny which will then switch it off again.

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