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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone had uses the CMA3000-A01 accelorometer from vti technology:


It's an SPI/i2c controlled device and three axes. I want to marry it to an arduino device for measuring tilt angles on a work surface. I can't seem to find a register map for the device, so i have no idea where to locate the device data, or where to write control data to.

can anyone help?


haven`t worked with it, but a quick search on google yielded this somewhat helpful pdf  



better web address...unabbreviated.

www.vti.fi/midcom-serveattachmentguid-cf9e8dfedb2711ddbd13e5ac3daac93dc93d/tn73_c-code_example_for_cma3000_accelerometer_rev_0.1.pdf cma3000 accelerometer register map


missed that! Not sure if it's got a stack pointer that automatically moves on to the next register to be read, but will play about with this and see how easy it is - will let you all know!

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