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Just wanted to let those with an interest in IR (Infrared remote control) know, that the project has succeed in reaching our initial goal on Indiegogo with 20 days still left to run.

AnalysIR was inspired by Arduino & is a Windows based application that can be thought of as an oscilloscope or logic analyzer dedicated exclusively to IR from infrared remote controls like TV remotes, but much more useful. It currently supports over 17 of the most common IR protocols, with more to come. We have also added support for importing/exporting from/to quite a few of the most common industry formats such a Pronto, Global Caché (incl. compression) and of course the well known IRremote & IRLib formats of Arduino fame.

There are lots of screenshots, videos and updates about the project on the campaign page (check out both the Updates & Gallery tabs for all the latest information).

AnalysIR was featured on the Arduino blog in conjunction with the recent Dublin Maker Faire
http://blog.arduino.cc/2013/07/26/new-infrared-applications-using-arduino-at-mini-makerfaire-dublin-tomorrow/ .

Lastly, we have designed a flexible range of perks for AnalysIR @ $1, $5, $10, $15 & $20 covering a range of uses from education, makerspaces, makers & commercial use.

You can visit the AnalysIR page at http://igg.me/at/AnalysIR/x/4106879 . The campaign will end on Sep 1st 2013.

Note: Arduino, IR receiver & Windows PC or Laptop required along with AnalysIR


We have added a limited number of IR starter kits to our Perks on Indiegogo ranging from $6 to $13 each, including worldwide shipping. These include a good selection of quality IR receivers & emitters.

If you would like to avail of one, we will include shipping worldwide for members of this forum (registered before today). These are all higher quality components from Vishay. Kit A is 'probably' only relevant to backers & users of AnalysIR.

We have created the kits for our backers, but when we saw some of the issues posters here are having with certain IR receivers, we decided to offer them here as well.

Note: We are taking no $$$ profit or markup on this.  Details can be found on our campaign page - look for IR starter Kit perk. Alternatively, you can just order theses components directly yourself.

Project Page:  http://igg.me/at/AnalysIR/x/3752156

Description of Kits: http://images.indiegogo.com/medias/987253/files/20130817090406-IR_kits_-_Perkb.pdf?1376755447
Please read the description document in full before selcting a kit.


Campaign update:

Our campaign for AnalysIR has just 5 days left to run, finishing on Sept 1st. There are just 3 kits remaining & this will be the last chance to get AnalysIR at one of the pre-release prices of $1, $5, $10, $15, or $20  (depending on class of user, the $1 price is as close to free as we can have on IGG).

We have also ported our Arduino code to Raspberry Pi (RPi) and have learned some of the differences between the 2 platforms. For what we are doing with AnalysIR, Arduino is superior (so far, we havent been able to accurately measure IR modulation frequency on RPi), which was initially surprising considering the 16MHz vs 700Mhz CPU speed. But apparently, its because Arduino is dedicated to IO & RPi is a linux based OS doing lots of other things simultaneously. I believe RPi can perform better with kernel patches, but we don't want to go there yet.

Just read the blog post on the upcomming Arduino Yún release today and can't wait to get AnalysIR running on it......

One bonus with the RPi is that we can decode & analyze IR signals over the LAN, a feature which the Yún will also provide via WiFi.

Many thanks to the Forum members who supported our AnalysIR project :)

PS: Both Arduino & RPi are great at doing what they were designed for, they are just different.


Final Campaign update:

Well with just 20 hours remaining and almost 200% of target reached, we would like to thank everyone for their support.

On a technical note we have managed to measure IR modulation frequency on the Raspberry Pi as well. However, we have been unable to achieve this simultaneously with decoding, unlike on the Arduino where we can record & decode IR signals & modulation frequency (30-60KHz) simultaneously. Not bad for the 16MHz vs 700MHz.

We have also added a feature on the RPi to enable recording of IR signals via LIRC to be routed via LAN to AnalysIR. We believe this will open up most Linux platforms to work with AnalysIR.

Our plan is to release AnalysIR to backers, on a phased basis beginning 9th September.


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