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Topic: How to control LED's on arduino thru Wifi Shield connected to iphone hotspot? (Read 2724 times) previous topic - next topic


I am trying to turn a basic LED on an off through my iphone. I can't find any coding of how to do this with a Wifi Shield, as most people are using the ethernet shield. I came across a youtube video where someone was able to move a bionic hand with their iphone and the TouchOSC app, and connecting the Arduino to their phone through the iphone's personal hotspot.
I am using a Mega 2560 and the standard Wifi Shield and able to connect my iphone 4 directly to the arduino with the hotspot, but am not sure what program to use, and where i can find some good coding.
If anyone is able to assist me, it would be greatly appreciated,


Ps: this is the link to the youtube video where personal hotspot is used http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhjkNXaq5ZM


I'd ditch ( sell to another unsuspecting newbie that just has to have a WiFi shield) the WiFi shield, use an Ethernet Shield and use ArdOSC in combination with TouchOSC. I've done this using a Teensy++2 with a WIZ812mj Ethernet module ( has the same Ethernet W5100 chip that the Ethernet Shield uses) connected to ta little TP-Link WN703n or 702 pocket WiFi router trippylighting.com.

I am currently moving over to the Teensy3 in conjunction with the WIZ820io and away from ArdOSC to the OSC library from CNMAT

The beauty of this is that you can use a lot of the libraries that were written to work with the Ethernet shield and still get full WiFi functionality. Actually you get much better functionality as a commercially sold WiFi router is easy to set up through the web interface ( the 703 interface is Chinese, the 702 is in English).



Thanks for that Headroom!
I was thinking about going to ethernet, as there are many demonstrations on the ethernet shield, and 95% of the iOS apps for iPhone are based for the ethernet shield.
I think ill buy one off http://littlebirdelectronics.com/collections/arduino-ethernet
Do you just suggest the Arduino Ethernet shield from this website?


I have a Redbear BLE Shield, it can do turn a LED on and off with an IPhone 5.



No, I would not recommend the overly expensive Ethernet Shield from Littlebird Electronics. At Sparkfun https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9026 the shield costs "only" $45 and that is already very expensive.

For that Price I've bought a Teensy++2 (Atmel mirocontroller) or Teensy3 (Arm Cortex M4) for $20 a WIZ812MJ or a WIZ820io also $20 and some form of an Adapterboard.

If you already have an Arduino, get the Ethernet Shield from Sparkfun or Adafruit as I am assuming these two reputable sellers are selling original Arduino Ethernet shields and not cheap Chinese knockoffs

The Bluetooth shield is nice but OSC is much, much more powerful than just turning on/off an LED and TouchOSC is very flexible and configurable.

In my current projects I use a Teensy++2 in combination with a WIZ812MJ. For my future projects I am using a Teensy3 with a WIZ820io http://forum.pjrc.com/threads/23904-teensy3-WIZ820io-adapter-And-then-some?highlight=wiz820io  This is a vastly more powerful combo tan any other Arduino. The prototype in the last post is already talking OSC.



Thanks for that headroom!
Instead of buying the extremely expensive ethernet shield i bought one from here https://core-electronics.com.au/store/index.php/w5100-ethernet-sd-card-shield.html for only $15 and it works great! i have also purchased the TP Link TL WR702N Wireless Router, which i will hook up aswell. :)


Another quick question,
What setting should i have my router on? As im having trouble connecting to it off my phone when im on AP mode.


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