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Here the article http://secureidnews.com/news-item/contact-contactless-or-flesh/

what i dont understand is how can the human be the medium by standing on a pad to get "charged" up
wouldnt you have to be barefoot?
I could print the Arduino logo on a box of cereal and sell it as "Arduin-O's"


I had this exact same idea for banking machines.. 

The human body is just a resistor lol


Dias gives the example of the technology being used with a battery-powered circular saw. When the owner pulls the trigger he would be authenticated and makes the cut. "I put it down, take my hand off it, turn my back, and I don't have to worry about my ten-year-old son grabbing the saw and playing with it because he's not paired up with it."

What happens when son touches dad to see if he can make the saw go?

"You're never going to get everyone to agree that this is just fine," says Dias. He believes that there will always be some contingent questioning the effects of this frequency or current going through their body. "Normally they're asking this question while they have their mobile phone up to their head," says Dias.

I can see cancer being a concern  ]:D


old Jay Leno joke concerning cell phones & brain cancer:
(paraphrased quite a bit)

"So scientists here in Hollywood did a study to look at the effects of constant cell phone usage on the brain; what they was tape cellphones to the heads of a dozen pigs for a week.

After a week of constant cell phone use, they didn't find any indications of brain cancer, but 6 of the pigs had become agents!"
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