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I have set up my Arduino so when I send a "0" via the serial monitor, a stepper motor turns a given amount.

I want to include this in a bash script, but I can only get this to work when the arduino serial monitor is open and entering "echo 0 > /dev/tty.usbserial641" in bash. I assume this is because serial monitor is opening the connection for me.

In my struggle to open the connection in bash (without serial monitor open) I have tried all manner of options with "stty -f /dev/tty.usbserial641" and have also tried connecting reset to ground with a 10uF capacitor.

Can any help me open the connection in bash without the use of arduino serial monitor?

Arduino Uno rev3
OS X 10.8.4

Many thanks,



I found a great binary written in C that solves my problem called Arduino-serial. Here's the link. I hope this helps people with similar problems!

ps. I should add, you will need that 10uF cap between reset & ground in order to stop the Arduino auto-resetting every time you send a string over serial :)

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