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Bought two Leonardos cos I thought I'd probably blow at least one of them up.  :smiley-red:

Fortunately I have not. Got to say, this Arduino thing is fantastic. I am so pleased with it I had to tell someone. So cheers for listening!  :)

James Ed


I thought I'd probably blow at least one of them up

You're not trying hard enough!  ]:D
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there are two classes of people
those who have blown a board
those who have yet to blow a board
welcome :)
there are only 10 types of people
them that understands binary
and them that doesn't


Just consider that 2nd board your safety-net.


Yeah, I must say arduinos are awesome. I was working with a phidget before and they are so overly complicated. Arduinos are nice and simple and have a lot of power.


That is why I  bought a Uno with the DIP 328.  Still on first Uno board, forth 328 chip.  New meaning to plug and play.

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