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hi there!! Maybe someone can help me to improve the follow code adding 12 midi sending button
this is the code:

Code: [Select]
//#include <MIDI.h>
#include <MIDI.h>

#define numPots 6  // numer of pots
#define b 1        // this is the delta needed in

unsigned int currentPot[6] = {0,0,0,0,0,0};   
unsigned int pot[6] = {0,0,0,0,0,0};
byte controlChange = 0xBC; //0xB0 or 176

void setup() {
  // 115200 hairless MIDI
void loop() {
  for(unsigned char i=0; i<numPots; i++) {
    currentPot[i] = analogRead(i) / 8;   
    if(abs(currentPot[i]-pot[i]) > b) {
      sendMidi(controlChange, i+1, currentPot[i]);
      pot[i] = currentPot[i];

void sendMidi(byte controlChange, unsigned int controlNum, int val) {
//MIDI.sendControlChange(controlNum, val);

  // Serial.write(unsigned char(controlChange));
  //   Serial.write(unsigned char(controlNum));
  //     Serial.write(unsigned char(val));

I don't know anything about arduino code so if someone can help me... I can learn something new
Luca ;)


It is not clear what you want to do:

1. How are the buttons wired up?
2. What do you want the buttons to do?
Arduino Libraries http://arduinocode.codeplex.com
Parola for Arduino http://parola.codeplex.com

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