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I want to know what is the requirment to built restaurant system. The system should have price checker also use touch screen which and also connected to the internet, to send most of selling details. what are the requirment?
If I use a tablet with android and develop an application for the restaurant, I will have some problems with the price checker, how can I integrate the tablet with price checker, to respond when ever there is money in money out, please give me your suggestion, I need some help.



That's a tall order, pardon the pun, for an Arduino.

I would direct you to looking for 'point of sale' in your preferred search engine.  I would think more in terms of a larger computer like a conventional PC (or Mac if you are so inclined) with a webserver and programming to provide the functionality you need.


Globalthai.co.nz - it's a web application, way too much for an Arduino.


I don't know how your price checker works? can you provide some info. on that ? The I can tell you whats needed and whether it can be done by Arduino or not!
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