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SS - if you're not short on IO pins than what you have is fine.

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So my schematic should be okay now?


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your right - in the examples they use the 'pull down' method so you get 'Normal Logic results':
when you push the button the pin goes high.
if you look in other projects normally you use the buttons the other way:
normally the portpin is hold hi with the internal or an external PullUp . and the Button shorts to ground -
so it pulls the portpin low. so in sw you have a inverted logic.
i don't know why - i think the second is the common way...
(+you can use the internal PullUp)

its the same way with the LED / Blink Example.
as fare as i know you normally use the Port to sink current - and if i remember right this comes from history-
older uC could only sink current..
pleas correct if iam wrong..

has someone a recommendation for an tutorial on 'bootloader / leonardo / atmel VID PID / how to compile / windows *driver* inf ' ??
i just also want to use the orig. bootloader but use the atmel vid pid s for my clone...

sunny greetings stefan


I have pin33 connected directly to ground but your goes through a 10k resistor. Not sure if it matters so you should check the data sheet. I think it has something to do with the bootloader on power up. Other then the VUSB to ground mentioned way back your schematic looks good. Sorry for leading your post in a different direction but it's started some interesting discussions.

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