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Basically the user runs a shell and we save our source code online automatically, new examples and code would be instantly availiable (if you gave the ability to view each others source code (with read/write/user specific permissions) collaboration cloud style.

Open up for all to join, only people with given access writes are allowed to modify code in a group, with an autoback via an archive after every 50 successful builds, or back up them all !

either compile your code here on your computer or wait a little longer and have a cloud computer compile it for you and server you back the hex which your shell app then uploads to your device... (not sure how far and what the limitations are of this though)

But, storing code online is what's important! storing it locally and automatically backing it up in the cloud for all of the people you wish to invite...


NXP does something similar with - www.mbed.org -

So what's new?

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How will support for unofficial processors be included? 40-pin 1284, 64-pin 2561 for example.
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