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Author Topic: EtherMega - looking for enclosure that fit grommets for connectors  (Read 2487 times)
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because combination of the Arduino Uno and the Ethernet shield is insufficient for my little complicated programs, I purchased EtherMega. My satisfaction with EtherMega is great, but I do not have a suitable box, which would fit. Google can not find nothing relevat. Currently I use the Crib for Arduino Case because it has a detachable faceplate, but to mill the faceplate of the appropriate holes is beyond my possibilities.

Any tips? Thanks!

Arduino Uno R3, Arduino Mega 2560 R3, Ethermega (R3), and some Ethernet Shields (R3), Chronodots, TMP36 sensors, DS18B20 sensors, LCDs/TFTs, RS232C to learn and play...

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