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Hi all,

Was just wondering if Arduino plans to come out with something that has newer SOCs like AtMega256RFR2?

I recently came across a product called Pinnocio (www.pinocc.io), its just amazing technology. I feel if Arduino comes out with something like this it will sell like hot cakes.

In today's day when every thing is being connected to internet, this product can do wonders as its really flexible and can be used in many projects and to research swarm behaviors.

I hope Arduino has something in pipeline as this will be one of the best sellers.



No comments?

Am i the only one who feels it would be an interesting addition? or is this just the wrong place to post this?

My apologies if this is not the right place.


You should check out my startup's website - www.qualianetworks.com - we built what you're talking about: A 6loWPAN IoT shield.  :)


I am very interested in Pro Mini sized Arduino with integrated RF transceiver (AVR and ARM) - I am supprised I am almost the only one. I know nRF24 is cheap and easy to use, but having SoC is much more appealing to me.

The closest thing I found is:

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