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Update: See below for new updates and download.

Hi. I've put together a theme for the Arduino IDE based loosely on the dark version of the Solarized color scheme.

To use it, first install the two fonts, then replace the contents of the existing Java/lib/theme folder with the contents of the one provided.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions, -Dan

Here's a screenshot:



I can't believe the lack of response to this.

This theme looks amazing, I was really hoping to find some low contrast dark theme. Thank you!


Yes it does look good.

I just installed it on both 1.5 and 1.0.2, the colour scheme works fine but I still get the same crappy standard font.

I know the SourceSansPro-Regular fonts are installed because I can see them in Word.

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Thanks for the comments!

I've updated the file (see attached) with new icons inspired the ones in this thread. I've re-created them to clean them up a bit and to fit the color scheme. The original PSD source file for them is also included in the download.

Here's what they look like:

...the colour scheme works fine but I still get the same crappy standard font.

For the editor font itself, you have to edit your personal preferences file. I've included the SourceCodePro-Regular font because it looks good. Make sure to enable anti-aliasing in the preferences too. I use it at size 14. These are the lines you're looking for:

Code: [Select]

I'm on OS X, so you might need to reference the fonts (both in theme.txt and in preferences.txt) differently on different platforms, I don't know.


I liked the code display OK, but the verbose messages in the log window (dark teal on black) are nearly unreadable (the error messages are OK.)


Beautiful, I like very much. Thanks
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