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First posting supernoob. I am looking to accomplish a single task. Simply put: I need to make a wristwatch vibrate wirelessly, on command. It's a long story. Problem is that I have no clue where to start. I have seen the lilypad vibe board and I think that'd do it for the vibrating and size constraints, but I don't know how to trigger the motor. It could be IR, RF or some sort of proximity sensor. Whatever. Any help would be awesome.


If it's a wristwatch, you'd probably be better off using a plain vibrating motor; the lilypad one was made to be sewn into clothing.

Also, there probably is some way to do this without an arduino (at least not one inside the watch).  Since it is relatively not complex, and size is a factor, it would probably be wise to go with the simplest solution.  An arduino would probably be overkill.


What would you suggest? I am electronics deficient. All I know is that I need the watch to vibrate and I can't have wires.


What is the possibility that I could use a proximity sensor to activate the motor? I did find some tiny rc receivers that may do the trick as well.


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