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Runaway Pancake

It complains about parseInt() ... saying 'class SoftwareSerial' has no member named 'parseInt' ...

Maybe there's a "core anomaly."
Considered a parseInt() workaround, testing incoming bytes for 0x30-0x39 in your own function ?
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It could be that your installation is wrong.
How have you set up things to compile under attiny?

Also do you actually need serial communications in the final project or is it just debugging.

Yes it compiles fine for the UNO.


Yes Mike I do need Serial communication. I am controlling LEDs from my android device. Which I have done and works awesome it's just I want it on an Attiny as to not carry arduino around. Not sure what you mean by setup things to compile under attiny?


Okay I figured it out. I downloaded a different tiny core and I no longer get the error. I uploaded sketch to my attiny84 and since I dont have an FTDI serial to usb cable I am simply using the arduino for now just for TX and RX. Only thing is there is a huge lag using the attiny84. Anyone know max baud rate for the attiny84??


Only thing is there is a huge lag using the attiny84.

That doesn't sound like a baud rate issue. What sort of time delay?
It sounds more like a buffer emptying issue.


Well it lags about 1/2 second delay from time I choose the color to the time I actually see the color.


I don't think that is an arduino issue. There is no mechanism that would delay it so much. It sounds like a packet thing from your phone.


Well When I connect the arduino to my phone it runs smooth with no lag. It's only when I run it on the Attiny84 chip. I am Still using the Arduino's RX and TX though as I do not have a Serial to USB cable. Could this be it? I wouldn't think so as I am only using the Arduino to essentially convert serial to USB.


I wouldn't think so as I am only using the Arduino to essentially convert serial to USB.

It could be that. Data in USB form is transmitted in frames which are normally polled every 1mS. It could be in your setup that the polling is not as frequent so resulting in the delay.


Yeah I think I will try a USB to Serial cable. Would this work??  http://www.amazon.com/CP2102-Module-Download-Serial-Converter/dp/B009T2ZR6W

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