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Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of designing an arduino due compatible board, but with an atsam3x8c instead of the atsam3x8e (100pins instead of 144).
I discovered that the hw sam-ba bootloader has a neat command to check the microcontroller's Chip Identifier register (CIDR).
Obviously, the atsam3x8c has a different CIDR than the atsam3x8e... but is Arduino's bossac checking it?
The command line launching it has no parameters specifiying the platform used...



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Hello kingmail,
Bossac is not only a boot-loader tool for the SAM3X8E but supports all of Atmel's known flash-based SAM devices. I believe bossac checks automatically the CIDR of the MCU. Just try:

bossac.exe --port=COM1 -U true -i

I used comm. port 1 as an example. Remember to change to your current COM port.
Also change to 'false' if your are connecting to the USB-to-TTL serial chip.

You should program your sam3x8c using bossac in the same way you do it for Arduino Due.
Anyway, I have a 3x8c system at home and I can try some tests tonight.


<< Do not use the Arduino IDE to compile/program your SAM3X8C based board at least you have the variant files redefined for the 100-pin package of SAM3X8c. I am not sure about the uart interface settings but may be you will need to redefine them too.
I would recommend you to use Atmel Studio 6.1 where you can create bare minimum project templates for the SAM3X8C which will automatically generates the 100-in/out pins and other utily files. Just let me know where you are in your project (stage).
You can always count with the at91 Atmel tech support team after generate a ticket. >>


Hello Palliser,

Unfortunately I don't have any board to test it on (that's why I'm asking here).... could you try for me?


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