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I have an existing Arduino based project that I want to take to the next level and economize.  I have a couple ideas of directions to go in, which could include one Arduino as the input device, having 13 on/off input switches, needing to spit out serial commands to 12 or more outstations to actuate relays.  Alternatively, we may be able to use a new radio shield from http://www.opensourcerf.com/rfd21815-wireless-inventors-shield-for-arduino.html for the project, and use the built in abilities, as the remote stations only need to light a couple LEDs.  

Here are some more basics of the project;
4-16 input toggle switches on a master control station
4-16 remote receivers that light a bright LED, are battery operated (internal LiPo or Lion, or swappable 2xAA?) with life of no less than 5hrs if powered by swappable AA batts, or 14hrs if powered internally, with LEDs on 3-5% of time
Preferably, the remote station would provide feedback to the master station that it has responded and lit the LED, and a local LED would then light on the master station adjacent to the toggle
Range from master control to furthest remote station ideally at least 200' reliably with some obstacles.  
Delay less than .3 seconds from toggle switch to remote LED response

If this sounds really simple, (and I think it is), then message me to discuss the project and your rates.

Best Regards,

Miceli Productions  


Hi Miceli P.
I live near your office in New England. I sent you a message with my fee.

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