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Hey arduino users, I would like you guys to help me out in getting a code for the following scenario

I have a 150 Watt solar panel (chinese make ofcourse :P ) , I am required to show the following parameters from solar panel on a 16 x 2 LCD
1. voltage
2. Amperes
3. Power
4. Temperature (a temperature sensor to be fit alongside the pabel to show temperature as well)

Please help me out

Anas Khan

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plz reply ASAP

Why, maybe we have our own work to do.

1. Resistor divider to an analogue input.
2. Current-reading chip like the ACS712 in series with the supply from the panel.
3. Reading from 1 times reading from 2.
4. Chip like the LM35 to an analogue input.

Now hit Google and do some research.


Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com

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