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Radman, the pressure in that sort of inflatable buildings is usually around  250 Pa. That's far, far away from 30 000 Pa drfpoulin is mentioning.
The last such inflatable structure I was in was a tennis court (well there were 4 or 5 of them inside) and it had revolving doors so you didn't have to worry about releasing all that air.
The pressure differential could be felt once you enter, but certainly nothing uncomfortable. Sort of like what you feel when driving down a mountain road from higher to lower altitude.

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I can't find any suggestion that the Ovei pod is able to support a pressure differential in either direction.  The mention of gas valves suggests that the OP may be contemplating an oxygen-rich, rather than hyperbaric, environment. 

Whatever is contemplated here, it should be done with care, and with a thorough understanding of all the issues and risks involved, or not done at all.

I echo tdm3.
If you are going to use oxygen then this requires special valves, oxygen is not something to be played with.
So some clarification please.
The flow of what gas are you aiming to control?
At what pressure are you aiming to do it.

There are probably you-tube videos that show experiments on what effect even a few % increase or decrease in oxygen content of the atmosphere can do.
Nature has settled on 21.5% in the atmosphere for a very special reason.
I'm not sure how old you are but NASA blew three perfectly good astronauts up because of oxygen enriched environment.
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Hyperbaric is more lile pushing air into a sealed vessel. The traget pressure is 4.5 psi and I need to regulate the speed pressure increase. I found some accurate pressure sensors but I was looking to automate the speed of compression and decompression.

is that 4.5psi OVER atmospheric, or absolute 4.5psi (eg ~1/3 ATM)?

Either way, I'd suggest you engage the services of a professional to help here, theres a lot more aspects to this than the relatively simple arduino+actuator bit (ie the answer to your original question was a yes)

  • Mechanicals; as you've probably guessed theres considerable doubt that the pod is capable of handling a pressure differential.

  • Medical; Putting aside the obvious DCS implications if its sub atmospheric, theres other risks (HACE/HAPE), dental, sinus/ears etc etc. I'd guess from your username you're well aware of that

  • Fire safety; if you're planning a hyperoxic environment there are a number of regulations that come into play, dependent on your market (eg CGA/OSHA stuff in the US)... and theres best practise too.

Incidentally, is the plan just to do a 'me too' project on the CVAC?

Good luck anyway, as long as you're informed or engage informed consultants you at least know where you are.


There should not be any medical concerns regarding that overpressure. The increase in pressure is equivalent to diving three meters under the surface of water.
It's mechanical stuff that won't hold up.


The lower (conservative) partial pressure limit for oxygen toxicity is 0.3 bar - breathing pure oxygen at three metres for prolonged periods would be a Bad Idea.
Breathing it at only six metres could be fatal.
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OP did not mention pure oxygen.

regulate the air flow inside the unit

pushing air into a sealed vessel.


Breathing it at only six metres could be fatal.

Remember Hans and Lotte Hass, they pre-dated Cousteau bring diving onto TV using oxygen rebreathers.
I would presume that would not be pure oxygen, though their dive depths were limited.


I'm imagining this is being used for serious video gaming.

-Comfortable chair
-Sound system

I also imagine that those things don't seal up tight, but that the air would get stale if you're in there for more than 30 minutes.

Perhaps the OP is trying to build a setup that will just get some fresh air (not pure O2, but just pump in air from the room the pod is sitting in) into his gaming pod. I imagine that unless you have a seriously powerful pump & put a different seal on the door you won't ever get to that 4.5psi above ambient.


Perhaps the OP is trying to build a setup that will just get some fresh air (not pure O2, but just pump in air from the room the pod is sitting in) into his gaming pod.

If that was the case, there would be no reason to create such a high pressure differential. So, I think it's safe to assume that this is NOT what OP wants to do.
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Thank you all for the abundance of replies.

I appologize for the lack of clarity.

What we are trying to acheive is a 1.3 ATA internal pressure. Roughly 4.5 PSI. This is comparable to a 3m dive approximately. We do not plan on using anything but ambiant air. I own a hyperbaric chamber of that sort. We are just trying ou another form factior which woul allow us to work on our computer while receiving a hyperbaric tratment.

This has nothing to do with hospital high pressure pure oxygen vessels.

In this example of a similar use case they are using a vertical vinyl chamber which can obviously withstand the pressure

I would like to come up with an exhaust solenoid valve which I could us to regulate the speed of inflation and deflation. http://www.jaksa.si/ has such valves..

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