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And what about this? (I do not know anything about it, I found it by accident)


This needs an external USB to Serial adapter in-order to program it.. So no USB on-board...




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Edit: found answer:
Metaboard is best used with USBaspLoader

And USBaspLoader is V-USB http://www.obdev.at/products/vusb/usbasploader.html



Interesting.  Have you tried this?

I have posted many V-USB articles and have my own license, but the link appears to deviate from the V-USB Port, until it mentions RancidBacon's Arduino port which is a V-USB'ish library port.  Very confusing.  Guess I need to drop the zip and see what is happening behind the scenes.

Edit: more Metaboard w/328
Bootloader: https://sites.google.com/site/a52egv/metaboard


Tom Carpenter

If you want a through-hole USB-Serial chip, the only one I could come up with when I looked in the past is this Microcontroller:

Trouble is you have to be able to program PIC devices to get it to work. The firmware for the PIC along with a windows driver can be found here and a schematic of how it can be wired up here (Eagle 6 schematic which includes the PIC18F14K50 as a USB-serial device).


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