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I have a few Romeo v2 2 boards from dfRobot.  They are Leonardo based boards.  I've tried one, and got it working just fine on a macbook. I am trying to get them working on a Win XP machine thru a USB port.  I have installed the driver from Device manager, using the arduino driver folder. I have installed IDE 1.0.5, selected Leonardo as the board, selected COM 6 as the port (which is the Leonardo as Identified by the device manager.  I have opened the "Blink" program to test. 

The computer usually takes about 4 or 5 minutes to compile and attempt upload and return a error.

I have restated the computer, The IDE, and tried re-installing the IDE.

I can open the serial monitor, and get about one line of this per second (FWIW):
1023 , 929 , 791 , 657 , 544 , 510 ,
1023 , 922 , 782 , 650 , 540 , 508 ,

I don't think it is the board since it works on the Mac, and I have the same issue with multiple of these arduinos.  Yet I think the the computer was set up as directed.

Any ideas/help?

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