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Hey all,
   I have been toying around with an ultrasonic sensor I got a few months ago. The sensor can send Serial,  Analog Voltage and Analog Envelope. The past weeks I have been using the Analog values it sends out and is working fine up to 200cm (Datasheet, Maximum:765cm). So my next idea is to go the Serial route, I have been looking online for quite a while now and can't seem to find anything that could help me with reading the serial it puts out. I would really like to know how to read serial for this project and for upcoming projects.

Things about the ultrasonic serial:
Outputs delivers asynchronous serial with RS232 format , except voltages are 0-Vcc.


8 bits

No Parity

Has one stop bit.

Starts With ASCII "R" followed by three ASCII characters to represent the range in centimeters up to maximum 765.

MB7078 Datasheet: http://www.maxbotix.com/documents/MB7068-MB7078_Datasheet.pdf

I would appreciate if anyone could help me a little or provide a helpful link/tutorial or even an example code that I could look through.
Thank you so much!

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