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Hello arduinos,

I bought a Linksprite JPEG color camera (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/retired/10061) a while ago, and I'm trying to take pictures with it. At first i couldn't get any serial connection with it, but that ended up being my mistake. Now i can get a connection, but the data it returns is garbled. For instance:

I am using the adafruit library (https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-VC0706-Serial-Camera-Library) for communication, and i am running one of the example codes( snapshot.ino) with an SD card connected. It connects to the camera, but when it asks the cam for its version, i get this response:

Ctrl Ùnær exÑst
Init Ån

while the datasheet says it should say:

Ctrl infr exist
User-defined sensor
Init end

I have made sure my wiring is completely solid, no loose wires, but still i get this. The changed characters are not always the same. If i check what is on the SD card after it saves it, the file is there, with the right size of about 45800 bytes, however when i try to open it, irfanview tells me the marker length is incorrect.

Is this a problem with the sensor, or is there anything i can do?
Thanks for helping,



Looks like the baud rate might be slightly off.  Can you try a slower rate which has more margin for error?
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