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Hi to all,
First of all, I want  to apologize for my English, and I'm a new user with Arduino UNO.

My question is,
In IDE how can I save the window position, when I start IDE, always start in small window position.

Tnx. to all.


Thi is good question, I would be interested too.


You'll need to edit the window size parameters in your preferences.txt file.
Its normally located (well, it is on my Windows setup) in C:\Users\"[font=Courier New]your name[/font]"\AppData\Roaming|Arduino. Or wherever your set up has placed it!

Make sure the IDE is closed before you save any changes.
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Thanks, it works, but there is only window size, but not window position :-(


Hooo Tnx. Tnx.
I'ts work perfect for me.
I changed this lines in 24 Inc' Monitor,


Again, Tnx. a lot.

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