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WHat is the output current of the 5V pin on a Nano and Uno? Doesn't appear listed in the board specs. I want to use the 5V output to power a few peripheral chips, pullups, and a couple of LEDs and don't know if I should add a separate 5V regulator or rely on the Arduino's. Appears my circuit will draw about 190mA from 5V pin, but I can increase value of pullup resistors to lower the current if needed.

jack wp

190 ma should be no problem. What voltage/power source are you feeding into the 5 volt regulator.


Oops... just realized I posted this to the Programming and not Projects forum.

Will be powering from a 9V regulator sourced by a 12V wall wart, so input power won't be an issue. So if 450mA is available from the onboard regulator I should be fine.


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