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Hi everybody !
I would like to know if one can use analogs demultiplexers on PWM outputs, to use the PWM on many LEDs independents. My objective is to use the RGB Matrix of Sparkfun with Arduino Board. I use the PWM and the demultiplexers to put the color of LEDs of the row (3 PWM, one for the red, one for the green and one for the blue).
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[font=Sans-Serif]i guess you could use a analog demultiplexer (4051) to light up rbg colour leds, but  with a De/Multiplexer you can just light up one led(one line) at the same time, so you have to update your matrix quit fast and you will lose a lot of the brightness of the leds, further more you can not use long delays anymore.

there are better ways to ligth up a LED matrix, the best would be a LED-driver (max7219) or i don't know how does your matrix look like but you could also youse the pwm as the the source and your other digitalpins as the ground and build your own little matrix. If you write a digitalPin to LOW they will be direklty conectet  to ground.  you also have to update this matrix quit fast but not as fast as the demultiplexer matrix, so you will not lose so much brightness.
In the past had taking place a lot of discussion about LED matrixs in this forum so check out the older post and discussions.

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Thank you  :)
In fact, the column is connected to the ground with digitalPin, and I put the color in the first line, then the second ... I don't understand how to use a max7219, I have only three PWM, so, I can put the color of one led only at the same time.  :P



In fact, the problem is to add PWM outputs on the Arduino board  :-/


Ok, but on a PWM, only 1 led is put on in the same time, so the current is not divided by 8 (moreover when I test the current on a PWM, I have 85mA, it's sufficient)

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