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I had a USB logitech controller (unsure of model, its probably 10 years old or so) that I took the 2 small vibration motors out of and have been trying to figure out: 1. How to connect it to my Arduino Uno. I've searched and searched but I can't seem to find anything that fits my exact criteria. And 2. How to code it after I've figured out the first part. Any input is appreciated. I really have no goal with this project, just messin around with different components.


Your going to need more then just your Arduino. Personally, I have had really good luck with spark fun's motor driver and I keep a few around for testing. You might also like that they come with some sample code...



Best of luck!  :) :) :)


Very cool. Seems easy enough. I'm gonna go ahead and order one of those. Thank you!


If they are the same as in a DualShock controller they will be designed for 7.2V, as that's the
vibration motor supply voltage specification.
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