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When playing with 1.8" TFT display I've discovered poorly documented, or rather presented to amateurs requirement for these displays. I did search this forum and found no resolution.
I've posted topic=177021. I'm EE and sure that with price and flood of these displays on eBay many people will come across this problem again and again and desperately need right fix. That what I've provided.

On next visit, not logged in, I did try to search for "[font=Verdana]1.8"[/font]".

To my surprise I got 0 hits. I guess this is why this problem coming up again and again and people not able to find right topic searching for fix or trying wrong things.

Now I'm wondering how many thing I did not find that was actually posted about?

I suggest somehow to fix search function of this very useful forum, maybe even using third party to index and provide search results. I thing whole community will greatly benefit!


It used to be a google search on the old forum just cause of the nature of the topic a normal forum search engine tends to fail

I know when they changed to SMF it was probably on the bottom of the list, but it really needs to be switched over cause it does not work very well

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