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Hey folks,

I've been working for the last two days trying to setup the Due adc, and I'm frustrated by the lack of documentation on the SAM3X. I used to have a fairly good understanding of the AVR registers etc, but I can't seem to find info for getting under the hood of the Due. I've downloaded the ASF, but I'm wondering is there a reference re: configuration registers and the options?

When I first started with Arduino/AVR it seemed like there was all sorts of reference material, tutorials and books. But for the SAM3X it seems like there just isn't the user community? I'm I wrong here? Can somebody point me in the right direction.

Due is a powerful board, and I get that Arduino is about making it easy for beginners, but it seems to me that part of the success of the Due will be if the community can properly figure out how to use the power.



I've been pointed towards this page and this thread in the past and found them useful:


Dan - www.togglebit.net - Arduino DUE proto shields - Arduino DUE CAN shields


Did you try to look at the Sam3X8E 's datasheet?
(The second docment)


Hey folks, thanks a bunch for the info. I appreciate the help.

Yes, I've looked through the data sheet and have been reading/learning. I just wondered if there was more digestable content somewhere that I'm missing (ie. books, tutorials etc)?


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