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how can i get enough power to be able to control 5 servos with arduino


Use RC batteries and possibly a UBEC if the battery voltage is above 6v.
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one other question about how much volts does it take to power 1 servo?


one other question about how much volts does it take to power 1 servo?

most servo's we deal with run from 5 volt.
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i think i need to rephrase that question;:how many volts does it take to power 5 servos? THX XD


The voltage is the same irrespective of how many servos you are using - my "standard" servos can operate between 4.8V and 6V. Each servo will draw up to an amp though, so your issue is power, not voltage. i.e. that power source will need to be able to provide ~ 5 amps@6V or ~ 30W.


thanks so much now i can start building my robot  XD :smiley-yell: ;) :smiley-eek:

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