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I would like to fit my Nunchuk with custom components (inside it).

I am not an Eagle expert so I have been searching the web for a Nunchuk Eagle file and didn´t find any, so

Have you found any?




Couldn't you take measurements of the nunchuk pcb that already is inside it and just go from that?  Obviously you would want to round numbers down not up, as a pcb  that is smaller will still fit.


I am not an Eagle expert so I have been searching the web for a Nunchuk Eagle file and didn´t find any, so

You're not going to manage to find a nunchuck board file but if it is only the size of the board then get out a ruler!



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Yeah, what a clever idea!!!!You are so kind!!!!

Thanks, many thanks indeed for you info.

BTW What is a ruler? Where to find some? Is that an Eagle library? A pcb design?
Please Mowcius give me some more clever help


1) Quit being a wiseguy.
2) What make you think there is an Eagle file just waiting for you to find it?
3) How is this related to Arduino Hardware Interfacing?  If we had had a clue, you might get better help.


Yeah what exactly do you want?

If you want a file with all the current component placement on then you really aren't going to find one. Nintendo aren't open source you know. They wouldn't release those kind of files if stabbed up the backside with a cattle prod...

The only other thing I can think that you might want is the SIZING in which case, a RULE (if you're being pedantic) is the best option. If you have done anything engineering related before then you might even have some CALLIPERS to make it more accurate.



Thanks, many thanks indeed for you info.

Well to be honest I get similar comments to this quite a lot but they are not sarcastic. I know how this forum works and I know that what you did was not necessary. If you are unsure about how this forum operates, loiter for a bit and find out before anyone else tries to help you with anything.


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I am really surprised with your reaction.

For me it is as simple as "hey, is there any nunchuck pcb design over there?"

If someone is looking for a shield or interface and do not find it Can he ask in this forum?

Would you recommned him a ruler? Would you tell him that there is no shield just waiting for him over there?

Is there any rule about what can anyone ask in the forum?



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Is there any rule about what can anyone ask in the forum?

it more your reaction I guess...
Don't be a smart ass and just measure the damn thing :D
and if you don't like it here get lost...

no PWN intendent.

and seriulsy nintendo would not just give out there pcb source files
So its a wierd question.

pwillard and mowcius are my hero's they both helped me and others alot of time's


Beign a simple post about a simple pcb it´s really funny to see what´s up...

I am planing to write a tesis about this post... it´s really interesting as life itself.

There are many of us over there making some modifications and adds to the original nunchuck pcb. So it makes sense to me thinking that some of them decided to design a new custom pcb.

And all this noise because I decided to ask for them?



Really?  Where, for example is "over there" that you mention... and who are "they" and how does this relate to Arduino?

Simple questions,  really they are.  If you continue to be a wiseguy, I'm just going to ignore you.  Are you just causing trouble to get our reaction?


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a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion

Well, maybe not really.  But yeah, the wiseguy thing is bugging me.  

But seriously, why can't you just measure the pcb?  


So it makes sense to me thinking that some of them decided to design a new custom pcb.

You see, now that is not what you asked. You asked for a nunchuck pcb, implying the original pcb rather than a modified one that someone else had made.

If you had said, "has anyone seen a custom nunchuck pcb eagle file" then it would have made more sense. Maybe someone has made a custom one but that is not what you asked for.




I have been pretty busy past days with Spain's triumphant World Cup football team returned home...

Thanks all for your support : problem solved.

A Wiseguy Troll

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¡Viva España!
Go Spain!


Devia ser olé não?
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