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anyone know how to wire a 3-pin linear-FSR, so that it functions like a normal 2-pin FSR? 3 pins are Vref/gnd/+5v.



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Assuming a FSR is a force sensing resistor then just connect the centre pin to one end to use lit like a two pin one.
However that is a bit of a waste because 3 pin ones are so much better. The far ends to + and ground with the centre (Vref) to the analogue input.
It would if you posted a link to the data sheet so we could see exactly what it is.

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I don't have the data sheets i'm afraid, but the 3 pins are used as follows for linear response: +5v to +5v; gnd to gnd, Vref to +5v via 1M resistor; i really just need confirmation that i can use it as a 'normal' 2-pin FSR by using only +5v and gnd, and leave Vref unused. I know, could just buy a 2-pin FSR, but the form-factor of the linear FSR suits my needs and budget


I don't have the data sheets i'm afraid,

Without a data sheet there is no way of knowing, do you have a link to where you got it from or any model number. FSR returns a lot of not relevant stuff on Google.

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