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I just bought an Arduino Duemilanove, and I wanted to build a self automated solar tracker. Anyone think they can give me a few instructions on how to get started? I have an OWI 535, and 4:  1V 400mA solar panels, any way I could implement these components in to making a self automated solar tracker? IF you have previous projects like this with instructions, please feel free to email me at dmontaej@gmail.com



I know I can just google it, I've tried, but I enjoys others input, to vary my options


Have you tried a google search?


Although I did find that quite funny, the whole "Have you tried google" thing is a little counter productive.....and could really be a reply to 99% of forum posts.

This looks like a well documented project with well noted code  


I have seen 2 different methods to doing this. You can use a row of 2 or 3 photo resistors and check each one. With 3 it can move in either direction so that the middle photo resistor has the light center on it. With 2 you have it move in a single direction. Another method with just 2 sensors is on stays out in the open. Its purpose is to to be a reset for the system when the sun goes down. Thus telling the unit to return to the start position. The other one will have a tube around it. That way its only able to see direct sun light. If it is not receiving direct sunlight the unit turns to the west. The sun only tracks one way so the tracking sensor only needs to tell it to move in one direction.

As for the code i wouldn't know where to begin. But i hope i made some since there.

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