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I am in need of some help with a project; a fee for completion of this project is available (just let me know how much) as well as a desire to partner in the future.

This is a system that will take in input from an audio signal, and output PWM signals that are 'in sync' with the music signal's beat signature/periodicity.

A good chip to split the frequencies of the analog input might be the MSG7.

Here is the design criteria:

1 Analog Input (Audio Signals)
1-4 PWM Analog Outputs (User Selectable)
Visual 'Delay' (User Configurable)

1 Analog Input: This analog input would be a music/audio signal, and a potentially good chip to split frequencies and then send to the Arduino is the MSGEQ7.  However, I'm very open to other suggestions here for the best way to interpret an audio signal.  FFT libraries seem to have been available at one point but I have not had much luck with finding out

1-4 PWM Analog Outputs: PWM Signals need to be reflective of periodicity of the audio signal coming in.  For instance, when a user selects 1 output, they will need to have the PWM signal match the overall amplitude of the total frequency spectrum, and look to 'identify' trends.  When the user selects 2 outputs, the software will look for frequencies that have a regular periodicity to them, and the outputs will track these.  Same thing all the way up to 4 outputs.

What I'm looking for is the following:
Delivery of Tested/Breadboarded Prototype
All Arduino Code

Continued relationship and openness to iterating work or acting in a support function.  I'm seeking potential partnership for future work that has commercial relevance.  I'd be more than happy to share more details on the project and direction once we get engaged and through some of this initial work.



The payment schedule is too slow. Offer money at the start, middle, and end. Tell us what your location is. I am near New York City.

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