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Hi guys,
Right now i am facing some software/interface issues. I am trying to convert STL files into G codes to do my printing.
I have done research online, there's a program called slic3r and pronterface which are used for 3d printer (prusa 12x12).
here's the link -http://mendelcraft.com/Instructions/Step11.pdf
i have tried using both programs together but the code wont work and i cant calibrate it.
Any suggestions/helps?



here's the link

That isn't a link because you mangled it. Feel free to fix it.

i have tried using both programs together but the code wont work

That's about as little information as you could possibly have provided. No code. No description of what it actually does. No definition of "work". Feel free to try again.
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This sounds like the sort of practical problem you could expect to hit when you get into 3d printing. I wonder whether there might be enough interest in this around the world for people to have set up forums dedicated to it.


As PaulS says, if you give us some information somebody may be able to help.

You may also find information about slic3r on the Reprap forum (but give them lost of info also).

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.

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