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Author Topic: Gig for hire: Kite auto-pilot system.  (Read 601 times)
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Hello, looking for someone to help me replicate this:

An auto-pilot system for a kite-boarding kite, to make the kite fly figure 8's. According to the YouTube video description, "required inputs are the acceleration, position, velocity, wind speed and orientation of the kite."
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Great videos !

TU Delft is a well known Technical University in the Netherlands, by googling "laddermill ship tu delft" you can find more info on the mathematics behind this project.  I wonder whether Wubbo Ockels, astronaut from the Netherlands, has been part of the project since he has been busy with kites for energy projects for quite a while.

As... kite-/sail-fanatic I must warn you.

Small kites are hard to control since they make very rapid turns, it may be hard to get a prototype flying. Larger ones are much easier to control but they're also stronger. Stronger may... seem better when generating power, but keep in mind that a kite as shown in the last video may even pull a parked car from its place with a sudden wind gust or when flown with too much wind.
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