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A am trying to create a simple program for sending texts to the PS3 using keyboard emulation of Leonardo.

It works but the ENTER key is not accepted by the console. I tryed with a real usb keyboard and the enter key in numeric keypad is not accepted by the console. Then, I must asume that Leonardo libraries are sending this key instead of the normal enter key.

I see in the code that KEY_RETURN is defined as 0xB0 but I checks the documentation about scancodes in internet (like http://www.quadibloc.com/comp/scan.htm) and the codes are very different, then I understand that throug usb the codes sent are different: i.e. The scancode for F1 is 07 but the key definitions in arduino's USBAPI.h says #define KEY_F1 0xC2

Any help please on finding the right code or locating the problem with the PS3?

Update: I found this http://www.mindrunway.ru/IgorPlHex/USBKeyScan.pdf but it says KP Enter is 58 and normal Enter is 28, but USBApi.h indicates KEY_RETURN=0xb0.

Nick Gammon

Try sending \n (newline), that is:

Code: [Select]
Keyboard.print ("\n");
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